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February 28th, 2001
            The wind whipped through the air over the rock the tiny penguins hid behind. I shook the snow off of me, wishing I were older so I could molt these feathers and get something warmer. I shivered and tried to hug myself like my father does. Sadly, my flippers can't do that. My mother waddled over and shielded me with her bulk from the horrible wind. She just returned from the coast a few days earlier but it felt like we knew each other for decades.
"Shh Marook…It's ok…I've got ya'…" She whispered in my ear canal. I shivered in her grasp, "It's so cold…when will it get warmer?"
She shushed me again. "The coast will be warmer, and you'll have all the fish you can eat."
           Fish. That's what all of us p
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Transformers, if I did, I would live in a mansion in California, instead of an apartment in New Jersey.
WARNING: contains violence and mild swearing.
“Come on students, we’re reaching our next stop on the tour,” said the snotty monotonous tour guide. I sighed and took another sip of my ‘possibly full of lethal amounts of sugar and caffeine coffee’. The tour guide turned to face me and cleared his throat, “Ahem! No drinks allowed on the tour! Give it to me.”
I gave him I look that said I don’t care about you and gave him the drink… after spitting my sip back in the cup. The tour guide’s eyes widened like those freakish bubble-eyed goldfish and stared at me. I smirked and looked into the room we stopped at. The tour guide straightened his back and cleared his throat for the millionth time and said, “Now students, this is the library, where I all hope you know is full of wondrous books you can rea
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December 20, 12:37:45 pm, one day before Doomsday
Rivannone paused to think about the next question. Pencil tapping to make it look like she was thinking. In reality, she was thinking about the doomsday prophecies going around about tomorrow, or D-Day, as it was whispered among the kids in the halls. After a riot in last week, it was against the rules to talk about it in school. The kids still whispered it to each other, made plans, and feared it together.
Stop! The teacher was watching. Smile and look down, guess about the test question, then execute master plan.
She looked down at her cell phone and saw her friends texted her. She flipped it open and read.
‘Were r u?’
“In class.”
‘We got plans’
“I'll get out. Don’t wait up”
Rivannone smiled and raised her hand, “Mr. Teply looked up and smiled, “Yes Miss Hammaker? What is it?”
Rivannone blushed and pretended to look embarrassed.
She quietly walked over and whispere
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viva9626's license by viva9626 viva9626's license :iconviva9626:viva9626 0 0
Lonely,lonely, Lord Loss
Lord Loss sows all the sorrows if the world.
Lord Loss seeds the grief-starched trees  
  In the centre of the web, lowly Lord Loss bows his head
Mangled hands, naked eyes
Fanged snakes his soul line
Curled inside like textured skin
Bloody, curdled sheets for skin  
  In the centre of the web, vile Lord Loss torments the dead
Over strands of red, Lord Loss crawls
Dispensing pain, despising all
Shuns friends, nurtures foes
Ravages hope, breeds woe
Drinks moons, devours suns
Twirls his thumbs till the reaper comes  
  In the center of the web, luch Lord Loss is all that's left
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Allie sighed. Today was Monday, the worst day of the week. She sighed, and dragged herself out of bed. Allie ran down the hall, almost tripping over her cat, Shadow. He meowed in protest and ran away. She sat down in the chair and angled herself so she could see the T.V. She turned it on and started to eat her cereal. Allie turned on the news, in the mood for searching the media for occult. She stumbled on a news report in Long Island, New York. The reporter was in front of a courthouse talking about a person they kept on calling a ‘mutant’ being held for arson.
Now Allie was sighing with happiness. She had something to do.
The newswoman was talking about the dude’s charges, “…several reports of arson, ranging from a small house fire to the most recent report, of attempted burning down of the Bayville High School, right down the block, plus a few armed robberies they suspect John, a.k.a Pyro, committed…”
Allie tuned out the T.V. Pyro? Armed robb
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By Meredith Jones
I don’t know if this will get out to anyone. I just hope it will, so future lucky generations will know what happened to the world. I you find this, please ensure its survival. This might just be one of the last books in the world. I sure hope not. But, onto the book…
I walked into Band in a daze. I did this everyday, because to my unfortunate demise, Band used to be my first class. Though the pro to this is that I would wake up real fast instead of in a long period of time like other non-Band members. I sighed, dreading school and everyone in it. I am like a ghost in a shell, due to my depressing school past of being shunned from the social world. I turned me hard, and now I have a shield. No one can break through it; no matter how much they yell to me or hit me; I can stand it. It’s a gift and a curse. I looked up to see the TV was on. CNN was on, since we can’t watch anything else, cause it might be ‘gory’ or ‘give us n
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First One To Leave, Last one..
First one to leave, Last one to die
Allie pushed through the walls of kids in the hall in a daze. Many of the kids were dealing or buying gum in kid’s lockers, others were walking to their classes in the same gaze. Allie ignored them and walked in to her 2nd period class and sat down the desk closest to the door, waiting for her teacher to come in and throw the torture of schoolwork in their faces and laugh. Luckily, she came in with a Starbucks latté, the lifesaver from Heaven in school. All kids know that if your teacher has a latté’, you can thank God for the time off.
Allie breathed a sigh of relief and layed down her book with a rare smile inside. She never smiled on the outside; she had a reputation to uphold! She was the freshman emo. She couldn’t smile! Everyone thought she was depressed! Boy where they wrong.
Allie had a game she played at school; every year she became someone different. Though every time, she wore black clothes. People would ask her i
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Meredith, aka viva9626
A news helicopter zooms over a railroad track. A freight train zooms by. The copter veers to the left into a clearing.
(In the copter)
PIOLIT: Helicopter 5311 to control tower. Helicopter 5311 to control tower, requesting clearance to land in unauthorized landing zone.
RADIO: Reason for clearance, 5311.
PIOLIT: Reason is for hill picture of the city, control tower
RADIO: pause. Clearance granted 5311
PIOLIT put radio speaking thingy up. Hit a bunch of buttons then veered in for the picture. (Outside of copter) Copter is about to land in the clearing when all of a sudden a wolf jumped in the clearing. The pilot yelped then stopped in midair. The wolf glared at the copter and sat up. The pilot grabbed the radio speaker and flipped a switch. He started yelling random curse words into the speaker. The wolf screamed too and transformed in to a werewolf.
The pilot stopped.
PILOT: Sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know! I-
The werewolf stood up and jumped
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Meredith Jones
United States
Well.... My name is Meredith Jones, i'm 15 and really like writing strange fantasies about my main character, Allie Grey, a sort of part of me, like voice in my head. Thought that doesn't mean i'm schizophrenic or anything!!!

Current Residence: My living room
Print preference: leligible
Favourite genre of music: Heavy metal
Favourite style of art: Dark, if that counts
Operating System: a computer
Skin of choice: my own....?
Favourite cartoon character: Invader ZIM!
Personal Quote: Oh my dear sweet Mexican Jesus wearing flip flops on a casual Friday!


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